10 Essential Tips to Maintain Your Car During Winter

Humans are not the only ones that get affected when temperatures drop in winter — cars do too. With all the coldness of winter comes a great risk of mechanical problems for cars. And since they can’t protect themselves from the potential havoc, the responsibility falls on their owners. To help you keep your car in shape and avoid the common problems that come with winter, here are 10 tips to act on.

Keep Your Battery Charged

Imagine being stuck somewhere in the middle of a cold road with a dead battery. That’s one shoe you don’t want to be in, right? Then, always remember to check your battery and ensure it is charged all through winter.

Check your Car Oil
Your car’s engine is in danger if the oil level is too low. Always check, and if it’s below the minimum mark on the dipstick, top it up. Asides from the oil level, it is also important to check the consistency and quality of oil you use in your car. Check the owner’s manual for information on the recommended oil type for your own car.

Check Your Tires Regularly
Wintery roads are not easy to navigate. To do it at all, you need tires with as much traction as possible. We recommend checking your tire pressure and tire tread every two weeks. Replace worn threads and inflate underinflated tires. If possible, invest in winter tires. They make driving easier and a whole lot safer.

Keep Your Gas Tank Filled
In a temperature that is up to 100 degrees below zero, water moisture in the gas lines can freeze. This can clog the fuel pickup of your car. Therefore, you should keep your gas tank as full as possible. This will help keep air out of the tank and the lines.

Top Up On Antifreeze
It is important that your car’s system has an adequate amount of antifreeze in it. Without a steady flow of antifreeze, the car’s engine could develop serious problems that could cost you a lot to fix. Get an antifreeze tester to know when you need to top up. You should also check your car’s handbook to see what kind of antifreeze is suitable for it.

Protect Your Windshield Wipers
Lack of visibility is a grave danger winter could subject you to, so you want to make sure your windshield wipers are always in good condition. If any wiper blade is in bad condition, replace it immediately. And to ensure they are protected, fill them with windshield wiper fluid with de-icing capabilities.

Cover Your Windscreen
One mistake you don’t want to make is to leave your windscreen exposed in the cold overnight. Cover your windscreen — and side mirrors — at night, and you can easily avoid the stress of scraping ice off it in the morning. You can also protect the inner part of the windscreen from mist with shaving foam. Simply spread it all over and wipe it off with a wet cloth after five to ten minutes.

Lubricate Regularly
In freezing temperatures, doors can stick to weather seals, making them hard to open. The seals can even get damaged. To avoid any of these altogether, you should lubricate your car door’s seals, locks, and hinges with a good silicone lubricant. Extend the treatment to the window channels on each door.

Wash Regularly
Oftentimes, people do not think to wash their cars during winter. However, snow leaves cars with salt and other substances that are harmful. If left alone to buildup, they could make affected parts of your car corrode. You protect your car from any potential rust if you give it a good wash frequently and also pressure wash the underside.

Get an Emergency Kit
It is a good idea to keep an emergency kit for winter in your car. The kit should include spare bulbs, a tow strap, a torch, blankets, a high visibility vest, and jumper cables. Most importantly, you should have a shovel and a few bags of sand. The traction that sand provides could prove helpful if your tires get stuck in extremely snowy or icy roads.

Final Thoughts
These simple tips not only prevent damage to your vehicle and save you money on repairs — they also protect you from life-endangering hazards. Adopt them as part of regular maintenance for your car, and you can keep your car safe and rolling through the cold months.
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